Have you ever found yourself talking to a friend about your fertility struggle, when a blank, horrified look begins to crawl across her face? She’s probably blissfully ignorant about all a person can go through to conceive. Except for those of us who’ve been forced to learn firsthand about things like stimming, egg retrieval, male factor infertility, and reproductive endocrinology, these terms may as well be Greek to most people. For a “fertile”, the concept of getting pregnant is usually something to the effect of get frisky;sperm meets egg; buy home pregnancy test; have baby.

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Organs are not the only part of the body receiving a boost from brew. A Tufts University study concluded that downing one or two beers a day will result in higher bone density. It seems silicone is instrumental in increasing bone density and it just so happens that our beloved beer is high in silicone. On a side note, Pale Ale drinkers can take added stock in this study. Their choice of beer was found to have the highest levels of silicone, with light beers having the least. This amounts to another reason to stick to the craft beers… darker beer = stronger bones.

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Women’s ministry ideas for your group should include topics that are relevant to the group. All ideas will not work for all groups. Here are a few topics worth learning about together. This is part of discipleship as you can see what God says about these as well.

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LM: I hated my hair and I learned to stand it. The hair industry helped the dislike. I was trained to straighten hair, but it didn’t feel right. I was “blow frying” as a routine that I had learned. I had to learn to be honest, and being in the hair industry wasn’t helping, I almost left. The curly girl idea began as a grass roots idea.

As the lines continue to blur, belly button rings have become the next in a long line of things that are now common for either sex. They are in good company with nail polish, and mascara.